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Food Vendors

Would you or your group like to make a little money during Oktemberfest? Signup now to become a food vendor or a vendor with the crafter's and merchant's.

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Crafters & Merchants Information

For more details on being a crafter or merchant during Oktemberfest please click on the link provided.

Crafters & Merchants Information

Oktemberfest Crafters & Merchants

To register, please click on the link below.

Crafters & Merchants Application

2022 - Crafters and Merchants Registration Form -

Register at the current rate until Sept 1.

Oktemberfest Food Vendors

Once again, Marshalltown residents will have plenty of food to choose from during this year’s Oktemberfest

celebration! There will be many food vendors from all around the state!

Food vendors will be located on Main street near the courthouse.

Vendors will be open on Friday from 5 pm to 9 pm, Saturday from 9 am until 9 pm and Sunday from noon until 5 pm.

Food Vendor Application

2022 Food Vendor Application Form -

We will be in contact or have already confirmed with those who have registered. Thank you.
Please contact Dee Norton or Duane Dixon for questions.

Oktemberfest Car Hop

The Car Hop returns during this year’s Oktemberfest festival.

Competition will be located on Main and Center streets near the courthouse.

Car Hop Registration

2022 Car Hop Registration

For registration or questions, please contact Andrez Lizarde 641-351-2501

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