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Saturday Music Lineup

2017 Oktemberfest Saturday Music Lineup

Admission is Free!
Date: Sept 23rd, 2017
Time: 2:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Location: Courthouse Stage

2:00 - 3:30 pm  The Maytags

        These phrases are specific to the cultural geography of the singer, guitarist, and songwriter's Des Moines, Iowa hometown, a music and arts community with a         rising national profile highlighted by praise from the Talking Heads' David Byrne and glowing explorations from Politico and The Atlantic. But Smith's words                also help evoke the Maytags' journey to this sultry nine-song set, one that also runs through Smith's time in New York — where studied jazz as a drummer —         and the band's recording sessions in Tennessee. Other band members have roots in St. Louis; all studied jazz, mainly in central and northern Iowa. If there             can be a New South, then there can be a sound that's Midwest Nouveau. 

        Newest release, Love Lines, smolders with the intensity of a relationship that just ended — "both the good and the bad," Smith says. Recorded at Nashville's            the Bomb Shelter with Andrija Tokic, who has also recorded Benjamin Booker and Alabama Shakes, the album sees Smith achieving a bit of the latter band's         gut-busting, almost-preternatural howling on cathartic opener "Pushing Up Rivers." A three-part "Suite for Green Eyes," written as a whole by Smith and Tim            Sanders (sax), inhabits the aftermath of a breakup: bittersweet acceptance, tempestuous reflection, and the lustful confusion of running into an ex once it's all         over: "Fourth of July we'll be holding hands," Smith belts out on "Street Clothes," knowing full well he'll likely be watching the fireworks with somebody else.

        As much as Love Lines is born out of a breakup, it's also an artifact of a seven-piece band that has been honing its chops on the road. "Musically we worked            our asses off on this," Smith says. "Me and Tim got together for the initial writing sessions and really tried to draw a lot of inspiration from the Daptone crew,            Stax, Al Green. Just to name a few." The songs were then taken to the band and arranged as a unit, with each member having creative input on each song.            The Maytags then tracked the whole album to 2 inch tape in less than 30 hours." That follows December 2014's Nova EP, recorded at the same studio and            tracked to 2 inch tape in 19 hours.

        As Love Lines ends, with the rhythmically and emotionally tricky "Problems," Smith's weary purr fades away: "Someone call the doctor, the doctor, the doc-               doc-doc..." The cure is already there, in a balmy sound that must've blown in from some fantastical Iowa coast: a flyover that flew away and returned wiser for         the voyage.

        The Maytags are:
        Nick Leo, Tim Sanders, Andy Poppen, Aaron Erlich, Sam Mogerman, Dustin Smith, Dan Kreipke, Benjamin Chappell

4:00 - 5:30 pm  Brazilian 2wins

        Brazilian Twins. American Music. Growing up in the violent favelas (shanty towns) of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil twin brothers Walter and Wagner found solace in            classical music on violins their father handmade. Their love of music and desire to positively impact the world led them on a wild ride to the United States, in            pursuit of the biggest stages in the world.

        Original Music: A combination of unique and talented individuals, the Brazilian 2wins have been exciting audiences worldwide with their distinctive appearance         and approach to creating their own signature sound. This four piece dynamo draws influence from a plethora of genres to carve out their own niche sound with         a truly unforgettable, explosive live show that targets the masses. Power-pop melodies, a dynamite hip hop rhythm section, funky dynamic bass lines with                space on each track for improvisation and crafty solos. Toss in an electric violin and ukulele (no guitar? Yup, you read that right) and you have, in essence, the         Brazilian 2wins. The Brazilian 2wins are redefining live music.

        Brazilian 2wins are:
        Walter - Electric Violin, Vocals, Wagner - Ukulele, Keys, Riley - Electric Bass, Upright Bass, Raqwon - Drums and features Trevell Fisher - Vocals/Keys, Evan         Stock - Guitar

6:00 - 7:30 pm  TBA

8:00 - 10:00 pm  TBA